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Meet Natalia Diaz

Meet The Employee: Natalia Diaz

Natalia Diaz

Before joining The Cleaning Authority, Natalia Diaz bounced around between retail jobs and working as a maid in hotels. She remembers disliking the changing hours and not knowing what to expect each day at work.

With The Cleaning Authority, she found a position with a reliable Monday through Friday, daytime schedule and wages that fit her needs. Natalia has been working at The Cleaning Authority for nine years as a Certified Professional Housecleaner. “For me, it’s the perfect job,” she said.

Natalia says the training she has received is part of what helped her stick with her position. “The Cleaning Authority has a great training program. Once you’re trained, you just go through the process and do what you’ve been taught,” she says. She likes that it’s the same work every day and in every house.

“I really enjoy seeing the happy customers. I get great pride in knowing that they think I did a good job.”

Benefits of Working for The Cleaning Authority

  • No Working Nights or Weekends

    Get your nights and weekends back to spend more time with friends and family.

  • Consistent, Easy to Manage Schedule

    We don’t hire contractors, just full-time employees with manageable schedules.

  • Training & Support Provided

    Our employees form friendships with their teammate that they spend the day with.

  • Competitive Compensation

    Our professional cleaners are paid hourly, not per house they clean.

  • Great Customers & Brand Reputation

    You’ll become the best part of our customer’s day!

  • We Offer Full-Time Positions

    Our Professional Housecleaners get all the perks that come with a full-time job.

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