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Meet Carrie Johnson

Meet the Employee: Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson always loved cleaning. “I find it very therapeutic,” she says.

So, when Carrie saw an ad in the Newspaper for a job at The Cleaning Authority in 2003, she knew it would be right up her ally. She remembers seeing that the job paid well and decided to give it a try.

The Detail-Clean Rotation System was one of the many reasons she’s stayed at The Cleaning Authority over the years. She also enjoyed seeing first hands the fruits of her labor. “I always loved serving others and helping them,” Carrie said. “You get this great sense of accomplishment when you finish the job and see the great work you did first hand.”

After working as a Professional Housecleaner, then trainer, for seven years Carrie moved into a position in the office. This transition helped Carrie to develop her patience and listening skills. “Working in the office has helped me to become more of a people person,” she says.

Carrie recalls that before she joined the team at The Cleaning Authority, she dreaded the idea of going to work. Through this company, she has found herself a great career that she is excited about. “I love coming to work at The Cleaning Authority. It’s not just work for me, it’s part of who I am,” she says.

Benefits of Working for The Cleaning Authority

  • No Working Nights or Weekends

    Get your nights and weekends back to spend more time with friends and family.

  • Consistent, Easy to Manage Schedule

    We don’t hire contractors, just full-time employees with manageable schedules.

  • Training & Support Provided

    Our employees form friendships with their teammate that they spend the day with.

  • Competitive Compensation

    Our professional cleaners are paid hourly, not per house they clean.

  • Great Customers & Brand Reputation

    You’ll become the best part of our customer’s day!

  • We Offer Full-Time Positions

    Our Professional Housecleaners get all the perks that come with a full-time job.

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